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11/12/2008 - Special Silicon Valley Spaceclub meeting: 5-6:30 p.m. (PST)/ 8-9:30 (EST)

Since we now have elected our next president Barack Obama. Lets review, analyze and discuss the latest space policy that he put out in August. I am attaching a copy of the document for those of you that have not already seen it. I have also attached a copy of the final NASA 2008 Authorization for review and discussion as well.

Call - in if you can't be there in person at our Meet Me number: 1-866-710-4926 Passcode 8127712#

If you are in the area stop by NASA Research Park Building 555 - Room 107 the Space Portal building.

All you need to get into this side of the Center is a drivers license.

11/12/2008 - Space 2.0 write-up released.

This write-up  was originally penned last March, and circulated to members of Silicon Valley Spaceclub, and other select individuals. Elements of this plan are well reflected in President Elect Obama's NASA Space Policy -- which we are very pleased to see. Its going to be an exciting time the next few months!!

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